Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The waiting game …

Thank you to everyone who voted for the Iowa Troop Pantry for the 2012 Milbloggie in the U.S. Military Supporter category. We are waiting for the winners to be announced Friday, May 11th at the 7th Annual Milblog Conference in Arlington, Virginia by USAA.

USAA will be donating $250 in the name of each winner.

There are multiple categories for which a blog could have been nominated. Many of these blogs have intensely personal stories of deployment, coming home, and coping with the challenges of military life. 

Blogging has become a form of expression for those who have challenges in life due to the military. From the mother who sends her son to Afghanistan, to the wife who took care of her husband while injured and eventually lost him due to an overdose – each story is important. Each story speaks of the sacrifice that anybody close to a service member makes to defend the United States of America.

Please take some time to look at each of these blogs. Every single one has value and every single one was penned by somebody who cares about the Armed Forces. Military bloggers may perhaps hold the key to the most truthful accounting of what really happens in the military community.

Iowa Troop Pantry is honored to be among these finalists and wishes the best to each contender.

Here are the 2012 Milbloggies Finalists, in no particular order. 

2012 U.S. Air Force

Aim High Erin

Betrothed to the MILITARY

Married to The Job...

Multiply Leadership

U.S. Military Veteran     

Neptunus Lex

This Ain’t Hell

You Served

Bouhammer’s Afghanistan & Military Blog

Burn Pit



Armor Down

CDR Salamander

Mass Casualties

U.S. Reporter

The Unknown Soldiers

Susan Katz Keating

Red Bull Rising

War On Terror News

The Long War Journal

The Best Defense


2012 U.S. Navy

Feminine Fatigues

Navy Operational Stress Control

Information Dissemination


Military Dad

2012 U.S. Marine Corps

One Marine’s View

Castra Praetoria

The SandGram

Vintage Engineer Boots

2012 U.S. Military Supporter

Tails from the Front Line

From Cow Pastures To Kosovo

Assoluta Tranquillita

Pundit Review


Iowa Troop Pantry

Project 365 Vets

Military-Family Blog

Homefront United Network

Character Does Matter

2012 U.S. Military Parent

Knottie’s Niche

Love You More Than You Know

Semper Fi Parents

My Yellow Ribbon

Maureen’s Marines

2012 U.S. Military Spouse

They Call Me Dependent

The Deployment Diatribes

Forget The Dog Not The Baby

Witty Little Secret

The New “Normal”

The Kitchen Dispatch

Wife of a Wounded Soldier

Household 6 Diva

**Wife [Widow] of a Wounded Marine**


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