Friday, January 27, 2012

Lone Tree Middle School Unites to Help Deployed Iowans

Iowa Troop Pantry continued its roll of boxing events this week with an event at Lone Tree Middle School. Students and staff collected and prepared supplies for 15 complete care packages. They did so incredibly well with bringing items in that they actually had extras that will be used on future care package boxing events.

Each student had a hand in packing the boxes. Some were “preppers” where they got the items ready to pack. Those students then became the “station organizers” and helped direct their peers to how many of that specific item should go in each box and where the item went. The remaining students paired up to back one box per pair.

When the boxes were all packed, the 100 or so students sat and listened to SSGT St. Louis and SSGT Milot from the Coralville Army Recruiting Station talk about how important receiving care packages is for deployed service members. Both SSGT St. Louis and SSGT Milot have been deployed and truly do know what it is like to have some support and love from home.

Students then had a ‘question and answer’ session where they told the group what they learned from the boxing event. It was really heartening to know that these students really learned something from the one or two hours they spend packing care packages.

The students from Lone Tree Middle School have an incredible understanding of the importance of supporting the Armed Forces. They have a Veterans Breakfast around Veterans Day as well as writing letters for local veterans. We at Iowa Troop Pantry really hope that other schools can take the time to understand and teach the need to support those who are in the military.

Thank you to all of the staff and students from Lone Tree Middle School who made this event a success! It was an honor to work with you!

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