Friday, January 20, 2012

"From severe adversity into blossom flowers" -- A Soldier's Thank You Note

Throughout the year Iowa Troop Pantry sends out hundreds of care packages to deployed service members from Iowa. We do not always receive information back as to whether the boxes made it to the recipients. But sometimes, we get a little 'thank you' letter. This one is from a unit that continually needs basic supplies and whom we send to on a regular basis:

We are always grateful for what you and [Iowa Troop Pantry] have done for us. We will gladly accept your continuous love and support. I received one particular letter from a young boy, a seventh grader, who have touched us dearly. Unfortunately, there was no name nor an address. He had explained his support and thanks towards us for serving our country during this war. But in there, he also explained how he was abused by his mother and step father after many of years and how he went from home to home to better himself. He originated from Canada and now lives in IOWA. It was the sentimental words that had touched each in every one of my soldiers. Those are the kind of letters we love to read, how one recovers from severe adversity into blossom flowers! Very humbling.

On a more personal note, we recently lost three great soldiers serving their country two weeks ago, just after the New Years. It was and still is a very sad moment.

Again, we appreciate your uplifting support and love from the States and from the State of IOWA! GOD BLESS and LOVE YOU ALL!

Letters like this are a reminder us that what Iowa Troop Pantry does is both relevant and important. We have many, many more care packages to send to this group and others from around the state -- but we need your help! Please see the tabs at the top of the page to find out how you can become involved with the Iowa Troop Pantry.

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