Monday, November 7, 2011

Iowa Troop Pantry/U.S. Army Tailgaiting

Last Saturday (Nov. 5th, 2011) was a excellent day for anybody supporting the Iowa Hawkeyes. Despite the predictions, Iowa pulled out a victory against Michigan 24-16.

But, that wasn't the only part of Saturday that was great! Iowa Troop Pantry and the U.S. Army had a unique opportunity to tailgate right outside historic Kinnick Stadium. We made breakfast burritos, popcorn, and hot dogs, played some video games from the Hummer H3, and got to interact with many other tailgaiters.

Despite the cold weather, Iowa Troop Pantry volunteers were able to raise some funds to send Holiday Care Packages and let people know what the Iowa Troop Pantry is doing.

There may be many organizations that send out care packages, just like ours -- but no matter how many people are sending things to service members overseas, not everyone is receiving mail or adequate supplies.

It is Iowa Troop Pantry's goal to send full, quality care packages to as many service members from Iowa as possible. We want to improve the morale or any group we send to. We want to make sure that service members know they are supported and needed at home.

If you find yourself looking for something to do these days, consider donating your time to helping deployed service members from Iowa. We have many volunteer opportunities, and we are willing to discuss volunteer opportunities for your community or church organization. No contribution of time or funds is too small. Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering or organizing a donation drive.

Phone: 319-430-8118

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