Monday, October 31, 2011

'What can I do with all of this extra Halloween candy?'

So, your little goblin or ghoul went around every neighborhood in the city. He or she has bags and bags of delicious candy loot from trick-or-treating. As a responsible parent, you diligently search through the candy and check if it's safe and whittle it down to an acceptable amount for you child to eat.

But, what to do with all of the extra?

Instead of taking it to work and pawning it off on everybody at your workplace or (heaven forbid) throwing it in the garbage, we offer a different solution --
donate it to Iowa Troop Pantry! We are always looking for candy to include in the care packages we send.

We are looking for any candy that is not chocolate and is individually wrapped. Even the smallest amount helps. We often get requests for candy since it reminds our service members of home and it is a familiar flavor that can give them comfort.

Please contact us at or 319-430-8118 if you would like to contribute your unwanted (or un-needed) Halloween candy.

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