Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Boxes, Boxes, and More Boxes

One of our greatest dreams has come true here at Iowa Troop Pantry -- our office is FULL of care packages. Indeed, when I walked to my desk Monday morning there was a giant stack of boxes ready to be shipped out.

The boxing event that we held last Saturday, November 6th a Regina High School was a complete success with 75 boxes fully packed. We had people of all ages helping us out, and the boxes look amazing!

Today we sent eleven (11) care packages to our Enrollees. More than that would probably cause the Postmaster to kick me out of the building. Nevertheless, they should be to their destinations within a couple of weeks. These care packages contain shampoo, body wash, toothbrushes, toothpaste, Gold Bond, deodorant, hand sanitizer, personal care wipes (baby wipes), individual coffee and drink mixes, as well as a variety of food items. We hope that the recipients of these packages enjoy what we have sent them.

We are looking to finish sending the rest of our care packages out by the first of next week. Two weeks following that we are going to send Holiday Care Packages with more fun stuff for them to enjoy during the holidays. We know that it is hard to be away from home, and all we can do is to attempt to improve one day for our service members.

We are still (and always) looking for donations of money and goods to send our care packages.

We will continue to send care packages after the holiday season until our service members come home. Please continue to tell your friends and family about us and about how they can help.

Remember to thank a veteran on Veterans' Day, Thursday November 11th!

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