Sunday, August 1, 2010

Iowa Troop Pantry at the Johnson County Fair

Iowa Troop Pantry and Wreaths Across America were ecstatic to share a booth at the Johnson County fair this past week (July 26-29th).

The booth featured information about both programs as well as a place for the community to write cards to deployed service members. After reading through some of them we here at Iowa Troop Pantry feel a renewed force to do what we do and support our servicemen and women.

Here are a few examples of what people wrote (as they were written):

"Dear Soldier, Thank you for serving our country. I hope you don't get hurt. It must be frightning to be a soldier sometimes. I hope you get to come home soon. Are you in the Army or Marines, or Air Force or Navy or Special Forces. Thank you, Lena Belvin"

"Hi! My name is Shelby and I am currently at the Johnson County Fair. I just want to say thank you for serving our country. I'm from Iowa City, IA! I have you in our thoughts and prayers. Please come home safely! You're awesome. Thank You!"

"To one far from home! How special it is for us to walk amidst the booths at our county fair and see this one sponsored by the Iowa Troop Pantry! It is partly because you are serving there that I have the freedom to walk here. Smell this card carefully for it carries the typical smells of a county fair -- the barns of cattle, horses, swine, the concession stands of BBQ pork, corn, the dust of the midway. Thank you for serving your country & me. Toby from Iowa City"

The last card seems to be our favorite as it really embraces what Iowa Troop Pantry is about -- sending love from home.

We would say that the fair was a great success for making people aware that we are here.

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