Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bravo Company 1/133 "Ironman" Battalion Says Goodbye (For Now)

Today was a challenging day for the community of Iowa City as it said its "goodbyes" to the soldiers of the 1/133 "Ironman" Battalion. The sendoff took place at Iowa City High School and began at 10:00 am. The auditorium was full of family and friends waving small United States flags and cheering as their loved ones took their place on the stage.

One of the most impressive moments of the entire sendoff was when an instrumental version of the national anthem was being played and a low whisper of the words was sung by the crowd. It felt like a united moment of solidarity among all of the attendees -- we do live in the land of the free and we are the home of the brave.

We have chosen to include the history of Bravo Company, 1/133 Infantry in this post.

History of Bravo Company, 1/133 Infantry

Bravo Company was originally constituted and organized as part of the 1/133rd Infantry at Keokuk, Iowa as the 2nd Iowa Volunteer Infantry and mustered into Federal service May 27, 1861. During the Civil War, the unit fought in the battles at Fort Donelson, Shiloh, Resaca, Dallas, New Hope Church, Kenesaw Mountain, Vicksburg, Atlanta, Sherman's March to the Sea, Jonesboro, and Bentonville.

At the outbreak of the Spanish-American War in 1898, the battalion was mustered into Federal service, and in December of 1898 its units were sent to Cuba where they served until April of the following year.

During the Mexican Border Campaign in 1916, Bravo Company was stationed at Brownsville, Texas, where 133rd soldiers performed patrols, preserved order, and helped maintain legal and military rights in support of operations against Pancho Villa.

In World War II, as part of the 34th Infantry (Red Bull) Division, the unit fought in the North African Campaign, Italian Campaign, and at the Gothic Line. The battalion was credited with having performed the greatest number of consecutive days in combat (611) of any unit in the Army during World War II. As a result, 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry was nicknamed the "Ironman Battalion".

More recently, the 1st Battalion, 133rd Infantry performed security missions in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia as part of Operation Desert Spring from August 2000 to February 2001. Approximately 450 members of the battalion were again mobilized from May 2003 to January 2004 to conduct peacekeeping operations as the Multi-National Force Observers #45 (MFO) on the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt.

In October of 2005 the Ironman Battalion once again deployed to the Al Anbar Province, Iraq where they were charged with convoy security for theatre support convoys. They unit logged over 2.4 million miles on the dangerous roads of Western Iraq while conducting over 300 combat logistic patrol.

Additionally, many of the B Company Soldiers have served in Kosovo, Afghanistan, and around the world.

(Taken from the Bravo Company 1/133 "Ironman" Battalion Sendoff program)

This battalion clearly has a history of strong and dedicated service with much sacrifice from the soldiers and those who are close to them.

We here at Iowa Troop Pantry hope to make deployment a little more comfortable by making sure that every serviceman and woman receives a care package or a letter during their time away from their family and friends.

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  1. It was a tough day today saying good-bye to our friends. HOWEVER, it too was a day that I am so proud to be an Iowan. Our Guard is the finest of the best. We will support you and your families. Let us know how we can make your days easier. God's speed to all!